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Attributes and Flags

The Attributes page contains information on individual attributes. An attribute is usually a characteristic of a person that can persist over an extended period of time, such as sex, physical description, national origin, and occupation.

Individuals View - Attribute-tab

An attribute doesn’t have to be unique, an individual can have several occupations or change his or her religious affiliation. An attribute doesn’t have to have persisted over and extended period of time as well, e.g. a cause of death.

Attributes in Genbox are divided into two groups:
Text attributes have a type and a text value. Text attributes are linked to a defining event. Text attributes (from now on “attributes”) are defined in Event Templates.
Flag attributes are named check boxes. A check indicates the individual "has" the attribute identified by the flag name. Flag attributes (from now on “flags”) are defined in Data Setup.

Define a Text Attribute.

  • View > Event Templates > General tab
  • Highlight "Death"
  • Put a check in the Attribute box at the bottom middle of the Event Templates window
  • In the Detail Label field (bottom right), put "Cause of Death"
  • Close the Event Templates window
    Event Templates View - General-tab

Assign a Text Attribute to an Individual

  • Go to someone with a Death Event for whom you know cause of death
  • Go to their Events Tab and view their death event
  • Just above the Witnesses box, there is a "Cause of Death" field
  • Enter the cause of death (e.g., myocardial infarction).
  • Go to the attributes-tab, "myocardial infarction" has appeared as a cause of death.

Define a Flag Attribute

  • View > Data Setup > Individual Flags-tab
  • Enter a Tag and a Name (plus a Description if you wish). Here I have created three Cause of Death-attributes: Cardiovascular; Cancer; and Unnatural.
    Data Setup View - Individual Flags-tab

Assign a Flag to an Individual

  • Just tick the box;
  • or, in List-view: copy and paste an individual on the flagname;
  • or, in List-view: drag and drop a group of individuals on the flagname.

Flags are handy for selecting a group of individuals that have a certain characteristic in common. Suppose you know the causes of death for a lot of people and you have recorded these in the Cause of Death-attribute of the Death-event.
At one point you notice that in a certain branch, a lot of people had died of cardiovascular (heart/bloodstream) diseases. There are several diseases associated with this so everytime you need the entire “Cardio” group for some reason (e.g. a chart), you would need to do several searches to find “myocardial infarction”; “heart attack”, “congestive cardiac failure”; or “heart failure”. You could create a Saved List for this group, another approach could be to use a flag.

Find all your individuals with cardiovascular causes of death and flag them.

  • Click on the Search-icon (binoculars) on the toolbar
  • Go to the Attributes Tab
    Attribute Type = Cause of Death
    Attribute Value = *cardia*

    The * before and after cardia means “any character(s)”. In our example, this will find “myocardial infarction” and “congestive cardiac failure”
    Search Window - Attributes-tab
  • Hit Search and go to List-view
  • Select “Query Results”; right-click and choose “Copy”
  • Select “CoD – Cardiovascular” under Flags > Individuals; right-click and choose paste

    List View
  • Instead of Copy and Paste, you can also use drag and drop. Select Query Results, keep the left-button pressed, drag the Query Results to the Cardiovascular flag. When that flag is highlighted, release the mouse-button.

    List View


  • In the Paste List to Flags-dialog, choose “Merge”
  • Repeat the entire process with Attribute Value = *heart*

After you have assigned the cardio-flag to every individual who has died of some cardiovascular disease, you can use this flag for several purposes. One example is for charts, you can use this flag to define a different box-style (e.g. red boxshading).

Chart Options - Style-tab


Download this manual as pdf-file

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