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Attaching sources to notes

What's wrong with this picture?

Hit the template preview for a clue:

Interesting event, properly sourced. Interesting note—shock horror—no sources!

You could add a source to the entire event, but in Genbox you can go one better and add embedded citations straight in the note field. Put your cursor in the note where you want the note number to appear and click on the [S]-button on the tool-bar, next to the Bold, Italic, Underline-buttons:

Add more than one source to the note if you want; when you add the notes, it'll look something like this:

...and this is how the event will end up generated now:

Note: This can only be done from the note field on the Event screen (works on both General and Research notes). If you're working with a magnified note field (press F5 in a note field to magnify it, by the way), the "S" button on the toolbar is dimmed out. Later, when you find an embedded citation in a note field, you can click on the [Sxxxx] code, then click the "S" button on the toolbar, and you're taken to the citation screen. In a narrative report, these print out beautifully. (A couple of minor bugs related to source code placement are in the process of being fixed, plus Cheri has proposed a workaround for one of them in the meantime; see the GENBOX-L archives.)

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