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Adding text and images to a chart

Generate any chart or report. We'll take an ancestor chart as an example:


Using the built-in tools

Click the chartannotation02 button to add lines to the chart:


Click the chartannotation03 button to add text to the chart:


Click the chartannotation04 button to add an image to the chart. Click and drag to define the size and shape of the box you want the image to be in; when you release the mouse button Genbox'll show you the standard "select media" form:


Select an image, and it will be inserted in the picture box you defined:


To change the appearance of lines, text or picture, select the element you want to change and double click or right-click the appropriate icon in the task bar. A dialog will pop up that allows you to change the way the relevant item looks.

To edit the text: click the chartannotation03 button; the mouse cursor changes to an chartannotation03. Click in the text you want to edit.
To change the colour and font of a text: select the text with the pointer, double click or right-click the chartannotation03 button:


To change the appearance of lines, select the lines with the pointer, double click or right-click the chartannotation02 icon:


To edit picture frames, select the frame with the pointer and , double click or right-click the chartannotation04 icon


So if you feel creative, you can do stuff like this to your charts (brrr):


Advanced: using objects

Genbox is a proper Windows program. This means, amongst other things, that you can insert OLE objects in charts.


Go to Edit > Insert New Object. The object types you'll see depend on what programs you've installed in Windows, and not all object types make sense for Genbox charts (MIDI sequences for instances—not very useful if you're going to print a chart :).

One very handy object type is the WordPad Document, which should be installed in Windows by default:


When you insert a WordPad object, as per Windows standard behaviour, the inserted object becomes a kind of mini-WordPad—and Genbox' menu and toolbar are replaced by WordPad's menu and toolbar:


You can use all of WordPad's functions (fonts, colours, bulleted list, ...) in the inserted object.

Note that instead of doign an Edit > Insert New Object you can also simply copy-paste information from an application like WordPad or MS Word.

Note that there are, as of version 3.1.11, still some problems with the "insert object" function:

  • there seems to always be a border around the inserted object
  • resizing the object doesn't work as you might expect it to: when you resize an inserted WordPad object text doesn't reflow or word wrap—you effectively scale the entire box, font size and all (compare original object and scaled object)
  • some operations cause Genbox to crash (for instance: don't right-click the object and try to use the bottom option)

In other words: use with caution. Bill will try and fix the glitches, and document the feature for the next release.

Based on 29/02/2004 GENBOX-L posts by Wim Prange, Cheri Casper and William T. Flight.

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